Jun 162015

Today we accomplished a big task.

We put a sign in our front yard.  

That’s right.  Our very own sign in the yard.  We FINALLY have a sign in our yard.

It has been 45 days since we decided to move and during the past 9 weeks we have been preparing.  We have done a ton of work to spruce up our home and finish all our I-thought-this-would-be-done-by-now projects.  It took 2 week longer than we expected but we finally have the house <almost> ready to be listed.

My husband and I felt we could make our house more valuable to others with some simple upgrades and “sale prep”.  Improvements include:

  • Fresh and updated paint outside with new shutters
  • Replace 5 exterior lights
  • Pressure wash the fence, driveway, concrete walks and patios
  • Glaze windows
  • Replace picture window in the kitchen
  • Revitalize landscaping – mulch, pine straw, flowers, hanging baskets, paint basketball goal, clean yard up
  • Paint all walls and trims inside our home and garage
  • Paint interior ceilings
  • Replace door hardware downstairs
  • Replace cabinet hardware upstairs (downstairs was already done)
  • Replace 11 interior light fixtures and 3 ceiling fans
  • Review each room for broken or malfunctioning switch plates, outlet covers, hardware, wall scuffs, replace all brass with oil rubbed bronze (including window hardware) and patch nail holes.

All in all, it has been a long 9 weeks.  Not everyone wants to do the above items to sell a house.  “Why are you doing all this work?  Just let the new owner do it” many told us.  However, with these improvements we will receive 15% to 20% additional PROFIT.  It was frustrating, but hey, I will recover after I cash that check!

Another big question we receive is “Don’t you wish you had done all these improvements before you decided to move?” Well, in all honesty “NO, I don’t”.  I have been erasing my personality from my home for 9 weeks.  I am no longer making improvements based on what I like.  This makes the renovation process much easier and faster, but it also takes away some of the things I love.  My home feels more like a house with every box I pack and every day that goes by.

Today was an emotional day for me.  My house is on the market in Georgia and my home is waiting for me in Texas.


Heather m.

Jun 082015

Moving is overwhelming. I know many who are pros at moving and have “it down”. But, I am not. I have never done anything like this before and I suck at it.

4 weeks and 4 days from today we plan to get out on the highway and go to a place we never imagined.  See where the road less traveled actually takes us.  Be a travelin’ man and an old lady.  Show our kids they aren’t trees and that their story is what they write.  This is romantic version of our trip.  The one I tell people about. You know, all the cool things my family is going to do and go and see.

But, this is not the reality of our trip. The reality is 14 weeks of stress and overwhelming emotions trying to see everyone “one last time” before we get out on the highway.  The questions and concerns my children have about the the stick home my husband and I have not found in Texas and not really knowing what to expect from the roads less traveled in life.   The friends we are leaving and will deeply miss while travelin’.  The reminder that our kids are not trees and that they need strong, solid roots to tell them the stories of their family.

In reality, this is hard.  I was naive enough to think it would be easy and fun and simple.  And up to this point it has been.  But now the tough work has started.  The “one last times” are hard.  I hate to think I am saying good-bye to people for the last time.  I am not dying and they are not dying.  Yet, they tell me this is the last time they are going to see me.

I truly hope not.  I truly hope that our paths cross again.  I hope that with Facebook and email and Twitter and Instagram and blogs and LinkedIn and text messages and FaceTime and Meetups we find a way to communicate.  I pray the people we share our lives with today are still there for the big things and we can celebrate our wins and mourn our losses together in some form or fashion.  But, I too know that for some this is their last good-bye to me.  And that is hard.

Heather m.


Jun 062015

As of today our home in Georgia is still not on the market. And, we still haven’t found a house that meets our wants (not needs) in Texas.  So what is taking us ao long?  In one word, timing.


This just isn’t the right time. I do believe that timing is everything. And I dont think the person looking for my home is ready and and I dont think our home in Texas is ready yet. I should be worried and concerned, but I’m not.  I should be packing frantically, bit I’m not. I just know it will all work out. Because timing, and prayer, always does.


Heather m.

May 292015

Ray your killing me!  My husband told me we would never be able to listen to Ray Charles’ Georgia On My Mind again without getting a little emotion… and like usual, he was right. We have so much to do but can’t seem to get everything done.  We just keep spinning our wheels and then getting […]

May 262015
We're Moving... into an RV?!

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Jan 202015

It is the time of year when we are all bombarded by Weight Watcher ads, skinny ads, whole food ads, and exercise ads.  Last year in January I wholeheartedly jumped on the “New Lifestyle” bandwagon.  I lost 22.2 pounds in 12 week.  I “kept it off” until summer.  Then, for the next 25 weeks, I […]

Oct 132014
Hexi Crazy

Warning: please read the following information at your own risk. Making, sewing and distributing hexis has been known to cause the need to create more hexis. I was told prior to making my first hexi, or english paper priced (EPP) hexagons, that it was addictive. I was like “whatever”. Well…. Hello. My name is Heather. […]

Oct 052014
One Proud Mama

My daughter’s first quilt is in a show this weekend. I am so proud of her. I think she did a great job. And her ribbon looks amazing! In addition, I did some sewing this week. It has been about four months since I used my sewing machine. It was SO wonderful. I could feel […]

Oct 022014

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… well, not really.  But something about the arrival of Fall makes me want to sew.  I don’t know what it is but it happens EVERY year the same way.  I spend the Summer at the pool relaxing, tanning, having margaritas and enjoying being with my family.  I […]